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Chemicals, recyclables e.a.

J&Y has the expertise to source various kinds of products which we present in this "Chemical Section" of the website. We can import/export recycled material, perform quality inspection when manufacturing various kinds of plastic products and know our way around in adhesives.

Some of the products:

  • Wood plastic compound products (WPC). For example:  WPC panel, WPC garden furniture, WPC floor, Garbage can etc.
    WPC material is made from Recycled PVC / PE / PP / ABS and waste wood. Environmental friendly and fully recyclable. We export to USA, Europe and India.
  • Import and export of plastic particles and film
  • Import abrasion-resistant steel material/parts  for WPC Extruder & EMC Hard plastic productsextruder. Factories which can supply abrasion-resistant or corrosion-resistant screws/shafts/ barrels  are welcome to contact us.
  • Construction adhesives
  • Plastic film for package

If you have any request regarding sourcing of chemical related products, please contact us.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a material manufactured by blending natural wood fibers with plastic. 

It is a combination of highly refined wood fibers and virgin polymer resins (plastic) wherein the wood fibers are aligned and encapsulated in plastic. The plastic surrounds and bonds to the wood fibers, making them virtually moisture proof. The wood fibers reinforce the plastic, making it stiffer and greatly reducing its thermal movement.

Because of this composition, WPC enjoys the best qualities of wood & plastic and has a similar appearance as wood with a far higher durability.

Our Quality in WPC products:

Color consistency, surface finish and durability are critical to wood-plastic composites. We take great care to select raw-materials and processing conditions that enhance mixing of colorants, wood fibers, and other components. Our precisely engineered formula for polymer resins and industrial refined natural wood fibers improves aesthetics and durability of the finished product. They are also compounded with permanent, UV stabilized colors, eliminating the need for painting, waterproofing or resurfacing.

Examples of WPC and abrasion resistant products:

Mixer parts Enhanced hardness agricultural parts   Abrasive resistant products
Recycled plastic WPC Recycled material used for public places   Sitting bench WPC